Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm new to blogging, so we'll see how this goes :)
I'm Beautifully-Lovely as i would like to remain anonymous. I am currently on my journey towards perfection. I have been suffering with hate towards my body for the past few years, and have finally begone to do something of it. Two weeks before the Christmas break, I weighed 116 lbs. For the those following two weeks, I consumed no more than 100 calories a day. It was easier then, because as I am in first year of university, me and my 5 other housemates were all studying for our exams, not paying attention to one another as thoroughly as we usually would. So I got away with my newly formed eating habit. By the end of the two weeks - beginning of the holday break- I was down to 100 lbs.
Christmas break was hell. Though I managed my food consumption as minimally as possible without my family and friends noticing, I was terrified to step on the scale. Once i had, I was gladly surprised to find that I had actually lost two pounds - 98 lbs - and have remained at 98 lbs as of January 10th. (I don't have a scale in my dorm) but I am buying one this coming Friday! :D
I am now back at school- have been since January 10th, and am in great need of regaining control over myself. So I have decided to fast for the next two weeks. It will contain nothing but water, tea, black coffee and diet coke (if desperately needed). I need to do this for myself- i can't stand the thought of regaining those 15 lbs back, and i desperately need to loose the next 15 lbs to reach my goal weight of 85 lbs.
 February 20th-I am going to Mexico for reading week!! So excited, desperate need of sun, and absolutely must look good in a bikini ;)
I will continue to blog my progress and put thinspiration photos as well as tips and tricks.
Luv you all xx

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