Sunday, January 16, 2011

So that past two days went fairly well- though i did consume alcohol. Went out with some friends and to a club and since I'm more on the quiet side- alcohol gets me to everyone else's level lol But I'm still planning on fasting until the 25th of January - consuming 12 glasses of water, 3 green teas, and maybe 1 diet coke.
I bought my scale yesterday!!!!! So happy I finally have one in my dorm and don't have to weight until i go to the gym to weigh myself. I am now 95 lbs. Still have a ways to go, but glad to still be loosing and not plateau.
My family and i are going to mexico for my reading week - February 20th - and since I've lost 20 lbs, none of my shorts fit. They are all size 2 a&f or size 3 hollister. Each of which fall straight to the floor - unless i wear a belt- but that looks absolutely terrible! I'm planning on buying some online as we don't have a&f anywhere near here, but am in need of a credit card since i only have debit- I can't wear the too big shorts because it would drag a lot of unwanted attention from my family- so i figured if i bought shorts that fit it may be less obvious. We'll see :)
My next goal is 89 lbs, and if i reach it i will allow myself to wear my size 00 jeans- which i wont wear now as I'm afraid to stretch them. I really want to wear them since i've been living in my lululemon pants which are all baggy and unattractive now. Having baggy clothing is a good sign and makes me smiling when trying then on knowing they all used to be too tight.
I'm trying to keep my food consumption off my friends radars, so am now pretending to be sick and will remain that way for a couple days- hopefully it works out :)
Luvs xx

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